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A Manège, is the perfect solution for all horse riding and training schools

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LID Equestrian design and build top end horse manages, paddocks and bridle paths. Our arenas are built with a sophisticated drainage system that provides a perfect riding surface – so you’re able to ride in any weather. A Manège, is the perfect solution for those horse riding and training schools, especially where suffering from poor ground conditions due to poor drainage in bad weather.

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Bespoke Equestrian Menages

We can build an area to your own individual specifications. Once we have been in touch, we’ll come and visit your site, discuss your budget, and advise you on what materials to use.

Design and Build

We will choose the optimum surface material for your site such as certified Silica Sand & proven toppings which ensures moisture stays in the surface during the warmer months, keeping it firm – and runs off into the water course via soakaways and ditches during wet weather.


All soil from the site dig-off can be removed from your site but it is preferable to find low areas in your paddocks into which we can lose the spoil. This is a more environmentally friendly method, and saves you money too.

The Construction

Following the site survey, we’ll then plan a drainage system that operates at maximum efficiency for the type of land you own. Unlike other contractors your arena will be rideable when we leave your premises.


Time Scales

Depending on weather and site conditions, an arena will take 2-3 weeks to complete. However, if for any reason your project needs to be completed sooner, we’ll usually be able to accommodate you. Some settling over time is inevitable, but our state-of-the-art compaction equipment speeds up the process massively.

Our Services

Specialists In Designing & Building Stable Blocks

Bespoke Design & Build Of The Highest Quality

Light Steel Structures Turn into Art…


Be ready to see multi – storey light gauge steel structures around you…

Light Gauge Steel Buildings could be available up to max four storey until now.

With our new technologies and designs changed the rules…

Up to eight storey Light Gauge Steel Buildings can be constructed now.


If you like to know exactly how we can help you with the ideal equestrian building then call us.


LID LGS Building 1

What is Light Steel?

It’s a steel structure that is made out of galvanized steel profiles connected together with bolts, using only Light Steel we can build a structure up to eight – storey. System created by steel sheets, sheet openings vary between 1 – 4 mm, steel sheet thickness, 60 mm – 400 mm profile wide U,C and Sigma profile.

HHF Scott’s of Thrapston 2 Scketch

Light Steel Project Planning

With our Steelin Project department our structures are not only suitable for Turkish standards but also for BSI, EUROCODE, AISI standards.

LID LGS Building 2

Light Steel Wall System

The carrier galvanized steel roof construction system is covered with (Shingle)

LID LGS Building 4

Light Steel Roof Covering Options

Painted galvanized trapezoidal sheet, Sandwich Roofing Panel, Onduline, Metal Tile and etc.


Light Steel Structures Insulation

Inside the wall construction we use Rockwool or wall type Glasswool insulation materials. Inside the roof construction we use Glasswool blanket, Rockwool insulation materials or Sandwich Roofing Panel.

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We have vast experience working with a large variety of clients, from national equine training facilities, to private horse owners.

You can expect an extremely high level of service and finished product.

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